Monday, June 28, 2010

Berlin in fashion

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Anonymous said...

Tony, i was referred to your site by Luna whom you worked with on displaying her art.

Right now you could not deal with a professional commentary on your work and you did not ask it of me so i will refrain.

However, you need an editor. You need just one of the female tina turner look alike band singer for it to have power. you water it down with more images.

right now you would get slaughtered in a professional review.

if you want my honest, painful opinion, ask.

i am steve
i am at

i am 30 years disease retired but still mentally active.

you have a very graphic and active aesthetic which will serve you well in the future but you need to learn how to focus your mind and edit your work.

cool site,

steven r nickerson
5735 east 124th way
brighton, colorado usa
80602 303-920-1817.